Spring 2019 – Building a parking space for the boat

By May 2019, the weather had warmed up enough to work on the boat. Susanna and Izzy headed to Sweden to visit her family. I had decided I would take time to fence in the back yard. Instead I decided to start by building a gravel parking spot for the boat. I had enough problems with my previous boat having the grass get overgrown below the trailer while it sat all summer. And this boat was a lot harder to move to mow than the O’Day 22 was.

May 2019 – Parking Spot Completed.

I could (and maybe should) have made the spot one railroad-tie longer, so the tongue of the trailer wouldn’t be over the grass. However, that would make taking the boat out a very tight turn. Plus the gravel was heave and a lot of work, and I had a fence to go build.

One of these days I would get to working on the inside of the boat.

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